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    DAV CLI User Guide

    This is the user guide for the DAV Command Line Interface (CLI).

    DAV CLI is written in and installed using Node.js but is useful not just for Node.js or JavaScript development.


    Before you get started, make sure you have Node version 8 and up and npm or Yarn installed.


    The following table describes the various options that are available using the DAV CLI (You can also view them by running the command dav-cli):

    Command Description
    -V or --version Output the version number
    -s or --version Start a local Ethereum node
    -p or --port <n> Port for Ethereum node to listen to
    --genkey <s> Generate a private-public key pair for a new Identity
    -r or --register <s> Register a new Identity on the blockchain
    -h or --help Output usage information


    To start a local Ethereum node on the default port:

    $ dav-cli --start

    Start a local Ethereum node on port 1234:

    $ dav-cli --start --port 1234

    Generate a new private-public key pair and save it to the ~/.dav directory:

    $ dav-cli --genkey ~/.dav

    Register a new Identity on the blockchain:

    $ dav-cli --register ~/.dav/0xd14e3aca4d62c8e7b150fc63dabb8fb4b3485263